Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 7 January 2020 at 6pm


Ray Hedgman (Chair)
Victoria Bell (Treasurer)
Bobby Blair (Secretary)
Mark Butler
Steve Francis
Sian Blair
Kath Leech
Steve Benham
Aaron Alexander

Paul Breading
Stuart Puttock

Minutes of Last meeting

The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting and were
agreed to be a true record.

Membership Update and Treasurers Report
BB advised that we now have 104 paid members. This means we
will need to buy more scarfs. BB suggested that as The Foundation
only has a few Junior Shots that we buy a further 50 from them
which would leave them with 50. The committee agreed the
purchase of 50 scarfs at £175. VB to pop cash in to John Monday.
Invoice received from Matt for the membership cards for £45, which
was duly approved by the committee. VB to pay.
MB suggested BB sent an email to Henry asking him to put on The
Shots media platforms about the no of members and about the
January draw winner. Action BB

VB asked MB to invoice the Supporters Club for the Hospitality
tickets won in the January draw. Action MB
BB reported that the bank account currently has approximately £900
in it, there is £210 in cash and a couple of cheques to be banked.
The cash is the right amount to pay for the scarfs and membership
cards so VB will use the cash rather than bank it. VB advised that
the £100 cheque from the brewery had only been banked the day
before so won’t show on the account yet.

Monthly Members Draw Prizes

BB confirmed that a ticket for the end of season shirt raffle had
already been agreed. It was also agreed to pay for two Hospitality
tickets for the January draw. We now need to agree prizes for future
draws. The committee felt that Hospitality would cost too much
every month and that this should be done maybe once a year. SF
suggested a signed Aldershot Football could be one prize. KL
suggested a £20 club shop voucher. Following a brief discussion, it
was agreed to do 3 special prizes per year, Hospitality, signed
football and shirt raffle and to do a £20 club shop voucher for the
other months.

Bank Update

BB advised that we had received 3 paying in books and a welcome
letter from Barclays. Stuart still hasn’t received his card and
pinsentry machine. VB to chase as he will need this to authorise In
With A Shot payments if she is unavailable.

PayPal Update/Online Applications

VB advised that she has set up PayPal and now needs to give Paul
Breading the log in details so he can go live with it. Action VB

In With A Shot

MB advised that it had been launched and a video explaining how to
join posted on YouTube. MB had created a form for completion so
we had peoples details to pay out winnings. These would be held in
the shop for people paying cash or cheque. VB suggested the
football club have one of the paying in books. SF agreed to bank
any monies paid in at the shop.
BB to set up spreadsheet for both draws MB to email anyone paying
by S/O to BB. BB to check bank regularly for payments.
Aaron to copy and paste details of In With A Shot onto Supporters
Club social media accounts.

The football club has guaranteed £100 for the first 3 £2 draws. The
£5 draw won’t start until enough players have paid. First draw for £2
draw 31 January 2020.

Race Night

MB advised not many tickets sold, could committee members try
and sell 8 each. Members will need to show their card to get tickets
at £8.
We need to ask Henry to advertise again. Action BB
Posters are now up all around the ground.
VB felt that we should let people know what the money raised will be
used for. MB to look into options.
SF asked if any players would be attending, MB to talk to the
Can we make our own race cards? Yes, we can download from the
website. There are 8 races. Can we get sponsors for each race? MB
said there will be a fff Brewery race, we could then ask Bridges,
EBB, Charters, Gold Station and Shahid. Only need £20 per race.
SF agreed to sponsor a race in memory of Chris Barker. RH also
agreed that The Crimea would sponsor one race. We will need 64 names of horses for the cards, to be discussed at next meeting.

Website/Social Media

Paul has emailed and requested some items for the website. VB will action this. Website is almost set up should be ready for testing by
the end of the week. Once up, and running will need to be linked to
The Shots website and our social media accounts.

Volunteer request from Shahid

Shahid has emailed asking if the Supporters Club could ask its
members if they would like to volunteer on match days. AA to put
something on social media.

Any Other Business

Programme page for 18 January to update membership numbers,
winner of members draw and race night reminder. Action BB

SBL advised that a friend of hers has offered to make 50 pin badges
free of charge for the Supporters Club, he would just like to keep 2
for himself. These could then be sold in our new office on match
days. Committee agreed to sell badges for £4. SBL to ask her friend
how much it would cost if they sold well and we wanted to buy more.
Action SBL.
RH advised that he has agreed to meet with Tommy Anderson and
Robin Carder from The Trust tomorrow, could anyone else attend.
VB advised she could attend.
RH is also arranging a meeting with Shots Away Travel to discuss
coaches for away games to see if we can help fill coaches and reduce costs for Supporters.
Date of next meeting 21 January 2020 at 6pm.