Minutes of Meeting September 5th 2023

Aldershot Town Supporters Club minutes 5 th September 2023

Item 1: Lines of communication
Sami: Clear understanding anything to club/foundation to go through Sami.
Please see attached rule changed provided by MJ
(Amendment needed to include communication with Sam Carter media manager)

Item 2 Phoenix:
New Shirt for phoenix to be paid for by committee (Agreed)
A note has been made that some children are scared of phoenix but agreed Phoenix is for everyone
and to be mindful for those with needs.
Item 4 Junior Shots:
Now have 19 members
Christmas Disco discussed an email will need to be sent to Alex of Clarkes to book EBB and TW to
check dates.
Ongoing search of who could be Father Christmas
Craig suggested to do the disco.
Scarfs to giver to JR Members suggested by Matt and offered at cost price £4 (total £76 agreed)
Cards have been made ready. To organise with TW when they can be signed
Talk to TW for JR shots day in October half term

Item 5: Members 116 online (16 Jr) Offline 33 (8 Jr)

Item 6: Fundraising ides include,
 Shirt raffle shirt provided by last of the summer wine

 2 balls ideas to be suggested
 Would like to raise enough to help with tour of duty.
Item 7: How to increase memberships.
 Add benefits to next game posters.
 Clarkes have offered to change signage to promote memberships.
 Forms in different areas of the ground
 Quiz night
 Email craig to do an announcement.
 Email old members
Aaron: Amount in account £77.88 Paypal £800

Email to be sent to the club to ask on feedback of meeting about growth of numbers for matchday.
Another suggested idea to reduce ticket prices for home weekday games during half terms charge
more for children but bring an adult for a cheaper price.
Would the team like to do hospitality together to have support in different areas.
(Hospitality to be paid for personally)