Minutes from meeting 8th April 2024

Sami CoxheadBecky MorrishMartin JessopGina BalsdonNick BrooksHeather NicklinsonRyan Totterdell ATFC Supporters Committee meeting 8/4/24 SC says we will be recognised for our contribution for Player of the Season – SC had a conversation with Sam Carter to ask that we get some recognition for organising and counting the votes. HN counted paper and Shotsweb, SC did online […]

Minutes from meeting 15th February 2024

AttendeesSami CoxheadBecky MorrisMartin JessopIan BarnettGina Balsdon Heather Nicklinson SC: We need to look at our AGM meeting in May – AGM: Date needs to be set for end of seasonMJ: Financial reports neededSC: Do we want to arrange a coach for TOD?Committee voted: No TOD: Will promote but not give money SC: We need to […]

Minutes of Meeting September 5th 2023

Aldershot Town Supporters Club minutes 5 th September 2023Attendees:SamiAaronMartinBeckyIanCobie Item 1: Lines of communicationSami: Clear understanding anything to club/foundation to go through Sami.Please see attached rule changed provided by MJ(Amendment needed to include communication with Sam Carter media manager) Item 2 Phoenix:New Shirt for phoenix to be paid for by committee (Agreed)A note has been […]

Minutes of Meeting 6th July 2023

Aldershot Town Supporters Club minutes 6 th July 2023Attendees:SamiAaronMartinBeckyIan Item 1: Player of the moth trophies final cost (Agreed)Item 2 Junior shots:Junior shots has been recommended that it will be run by Supporters club.Sami: Proposal to club of benefits Cards Birthday/Christmas, Present Player of the month talk toVictoria about a junior shot page.Ian: Can we […]

Minutes of meeting 25th January

Present: Bobby Blair (Chair)Laura Chiverton (Vice Chair)Aaron Alexander (Treasurer)Paul Breading (Secretary)Martin JessopSami CoxheadCobie Ware Absent: Heather Nicklinson RB: Welcomes all to the meeting. RB introduces Cobie to committee members and asks for minutes that Cobie was unanimously voted on by the committee via WhatsApp previous to the meeting. RB then mentions that Nick has resigned […]

Minutes of Meeting 23rd January 2023

In attendance from ATFC:Shahid AzeemMark ButlerMatt Wigman In attendance from SC:Roberta BlairLaura ChivertonMartin JessopSami CoxheadAaron AlexanderCobieWare LC -Introductions are made and thanks is given to attendees at the meeting. It is advised that fans questions will be mixed in the agenda at relevant intervals and that as requested by the club, the questions and comments […]

Minutes of meeting 22nd November 2022

Present – Roberta Blair (Chair), Paul Breading (Secretary), Sami Coxhead, Martin Jessop, Laura Chiverton (Vice chair, minuting) Apologies – Aaron Alexander, Nick Cansfield & Heather Nicklinson. Minutes from previous meeting not shared ahead of meeting and therefore not agreed.PB to distribute, to be later agreed. RB asked for any changes in responsibility as an outcome […]

Minutes of Meeting 26th October 2022

In attendance from ATFC:Shahid AzeemDeane WoodWaleed KhanTerry BrownMark ButlerMatt WigmanAlex Clark In attendance from SC:Laura ChivertonPaul BreadingMartin JessopSami Coxhead LC thanks board for their attendance and introductions from SC committee  MJ introduces redevelopment feedback – from committee perspective we are supportive of recent development news.  DW confirmed there is no certain date for planning application […]

Supporters Club Statement 23/08/22

Further to the Club announcement on Wednesday morning concerning the behaviour of a minority of Shots fans at Boreham Wood, the Supporters Club have emailed the football club on behalf of fans for further information regarding the matter. This incident has clearly divided supporters with some of you appalled with the minority fans and others […]