Minutes from meeting 15th February 2024

Sami Coxhead
Becky Morris
Martin Jessop
Ian Barnett
Gina Balsdon
Heather Nicklinson

SC: We need to look at our AGM meeting in May – AGM: Date needs to be set for end of season
MJ: Financial reports needed
SC: Do we want to arrange a coach for TOD?
Committee voted: No TOD: Will promote but not give money

SC: We need to arrange meeting dates as we have now had all planned for this season – We will arrange 6 over the upcoming season
MJ: 3 face to face and 3 online
SC: Next meeting Monday 8th April 6:30pm
BM: We need to sort the shirt raffle – Ticket sale agreed at £3.00 by the committee
BM: We need to organise Tyler Frost shirt raffle – Voting decided to do 1 sale and hold a first/second/third

HN: Where are we up to with Junior Shots
SC: Confirmed no cards had been sent in October
HN will take cards and send them out.
BM: Suggestion of awards night – Idea to hold a small get together with limited spaces – invites staff and players for Supporters Club members only awards.
committee voted yes
Provisional date: Thursday 11th April – BM to contact Clark’s to see if the EBB lounge is free – SC to email Tommy in regards to team and staff being available.
GB and HN to look at trophies for the following:
-Best Newcomer
-Club Ambassador
-Most Improved
-Junior Shot Player of the Season
-Goal of the Season
-Supporters Club Player of the Season

GB to contact Scott L in regards to getting a Supporter club flag to go in no mans land

Matchday Programme: Take it in turns for notes: these are to be submitted to the supporters club email where SC will pass on.