Minutes from meeting 8th April 2024

Sami Coxhead
Becky Morrish
Martin Jessop
Gina Balsdon
Nick Brooks
Heather Nicklinson
Ryan Totterdell

ATFC Supporters Committee meeting 8/4/24 
SC says we will be recognised for our contribution for Player of the Season – SC had a conversation with Sam Carter to ask that we get some recognition for organising and counting the votes. HN counted paper and Shotsweb, SC did online and social media, BM counted social media. Winner has been emailed by SC to the relevant people at the club.

SC: Welcome Nick and Ryan -new members who were voted in 2nd April 2024.
Jobs for awards night – SC, RT and BM to collect food and cake between 4:00-4:30pm – then head to club to set up and sort the decorations and food for the evening – HN/GB/NB/IB to meet there after 5pm to help set up.
Running order printed and ready for a smooth evening.

AGM was 4th May 2023 needs to be done by end of June MJ suggested 27th June?? ask TW if he is free maybe Jamie possible player. Need to get notices out 21 days before 
Raffle to be drawn Thursday – SC suggested to ask a player at the awards night
SC: MJ are you able to please do the fiance report for the AGM?
MJ: Yes happy to do so, we need money from PayPal to be transferred.
We need a minimum 4 people from the committee for the AGM to take plce.

SC: No secretary/membership secretary/treasurer as of date – these will to be looked at and committee members need to express interest.
SC: I think it would be a good idea to write out everyone’s roles who does what so everyone is on the same page and everyone knows who is in charge of what.
Committee agreed this was a good idea.
Potential playoffs – SC: We need to explore the potential of play offs
Agreed by the committee:  Money left behind for a coach Potential/conversation about opening bar for fans to watch the game. 

SC: Newsletter to be sent out at the end of the season again, with updates on this season and what we have achieved.
GB: I think it would be a good idea to have an UpToDate photo of the current committee so faces are known.
Everyone agreed this was a good idea.

SC: It was proposed by GB that everyone does some programme notes for the last home game – can these be submitted by the end of the day tomorrow to be sent off.

BM: I want to propose we do the same as these season, offer the chance to win a season ticket if you sign up for your Supporters Club membership before a certain date.
SC: We need to have a meeting soon to discuss the membership – Current membership runs out 31st May, we need to know details to publish for 1st June.

HN: I think it would be a good idea to meet the new secretary when appointed
Committee agreed
Member secretary role to be split – HN to take on advertising of membership SC to do admin
GB to contact SL about flag