Supporters Club Festive Statement

What a year we’ve had and what a season so far!  The support and results have both been superb and we are all so excited to see where we end up come April…. We have some huge games coming up with a trip to league leaders Chesterfield followed by our festive double header against Woking before we take on West Brom in the FA Cup at the Hawthorns.  The support has been the best for years with sell-outs at Dorking, Swindon and Woking. 

We want all of our supporters to be safe and avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.  In recent years there have been a handful of issues that have led to some unsavoury incidents.  As a result there we have seen the club pay fines, had supporter allocations be reduced and criminal records issued to those found to carry pyrotechnics.  None of these are good for the football club or our supporters.

To help ensure that everyone can enjoy the unique atmosphere at Aldershot, the club have improved security measures (heightened CCTV in Eastbank and other areas) ahead of the games against Woking.  Such measures cost money which could be better spent elsewhere.  Aggressive behaviour and illegal use of flares and smoke bombs will result in a criminal record and a lifetime ban.  These are serious consequences which will have massive effect particularly for younger people with their lives ahead of them.  

We all love ATFC, we are all proud of our vocal support and reputation for creating a unique atmosphere.  We want to continue our fantastic season on and off the pitch and ask that everyone attending our games does so loudly, safely, and legally. Please don’t ruin it for yourself and others.

Here’s to continuing our fine season (and resuming ‘normal service’ with 6 festive points from our neighbours!)