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Mission Statement

The key aims of the Supports Club are to:

  • Work in partnership with Aldershot Town Football Club to ensure its viability and success
  • Represent Aldershot Town FC supporters and ensure that their voice is heard in decisions affecting the Club
  • Establish and promote links with the local community and local businesses

The Supporters Club are working to achieve these aims by:

  • Providing a link between the supports and Aldershot Town Football Club
  • Liaising with Club representatives to ensure that the Supporters Club is well informed and consulted about key issues affecting Aldershot Town Football Club and is able to offer support whenever practicable
  • Raising funds and using them as far as possible to support Aldershot Town Football Club
  • Supporting Aldershot Town Football Club in its fundraising initiatives
  • Ensuring that members receive information and are consulted regularly about the
  • Supporters Club and matters affecting the future of Aldershot Town Football Club
  • Using the Supporters Club’s influence in the best long-term interests of Aldershot Town Football Club and its supporters
  • Involving local community groups and businesses in initiatives and fundraising activities with a view to wider community involvement with Aldershot Town Football Club

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