Minutes of meeting 25th January

Bobby Blair (Chair)
Laura Chiverton (Vice Chair)
Aaron Alexander (Treasurer)
Paul Breading (Secretary)
Martin Jessop
Sami Coxhead
Cobie Ware

Absent: Heather Nicklinson

RB: Welcomes all to the meeting.

RB introduces Cobie to committee members and asks for minutes that Cobie was unanimously voted on by the committee via WhatsApp previous to the meeting. RB then mentions that Nick has resigned due to commitments with his Cricket Club and would like to note thanks and gratitude from the committee. 

Minutes of the last meeting approved by all.

RB delivers chair update and offers update on funds – £2146.27 available

Money is owed to the club for hospitality tickets but are awaiting a club invoice on that.

It is noted that the committee can’t make a profit so need to allocate funds – discussion turns towards possible contribution towards 30th celebration. £250 will also be donated towards a coach for tour of duty which will then see the coach offered at a good cost to supporters – the committee will approach the club to match the payment. 

Money also needs to be allocated towards an AGM.

PB and RB discuss and explain the transfer to the Stripe payment account from PayPal.

We may keep the PayPal option for In With A Shot as Stripe will be used for membership moving forward. IWAS payments are also seeing more direct to our account rather than via the club which is good as it has been a bit of a mindfield to track/record. 

LC says we should get more recognition for IWAS. RB mentions that we can perhaps start posting the results ourselves on In With A Shot. It is perhaps not publicised enough what we actually do and the level of administration work that is carried out. 

Conversation turns to how it is difficult to explain to fans what we do and can offer in general. There are many misconceptions and misinformation on social media. 

RB has had discussions with other supporters groups to see how they function and the comparisons in terms of funds raised etc. 

Committee discusses the lack of published answers/statements online from the club about ticketing checking etc from previous games and agrees communication on this front could be better from the club in addressing supporters’ concerns.

PB gives membership updates. 

Discussion turns to improving the membership numbers moving forward for next season’s objectives. Plan of membership action to be discussed. The cost of living is not going to help. LC mentions to do research for the cost of supporters clubs elsewhere. Discussion talks about member benefits being better publicised – RB refers to previous survey with fans mentioning that away travel and hospitality would be incentives to join. 

RB general recruitment to the committee is still something we should be looking at. RB talks to CW about a possibility for blogs etc. LC says it would be good to recruit some more ‘well known’ committee members. PB needs to update the website with profiles and roles – including photos of the committee. 

MJ mentions to look at membership for next season as a future focus for the next meeting. Discounts in shops could be beneficial and other possible discounts etc.

RB mentions future meetings dates and for PB to publish on the website. Date for AGM to be discussed. RB mentions general committee meetings and If committee members can not attend please issue an apology to the chair or secretary. 

RB says POTM is going well and good to have it back.

MJ has done a huge amount of work on the constitution and it is noted with thanks. RB has said the FSA has approved it. MJ gives an overview of the constitution to the committee. This should give us a clearer objective and help show others our aims etc. Aims were agreed by committee. Membership fees moving forward need to be discussed prior to AGM. Once approved PB will add to the website so it is accessible to all.

MJ suggests a presentation or club legend to attend AGM to entice people to attend. A possible date could be the first part of May. We need to advise the option to welcome people onto committee prior to an AGM. RB asks for details about how financials need to be presented at AGM, we also may need to show In With A Shot payments. 

All agree the constitution to be published.  

Proposed date for the AGM – RB will approach the club and approach ex-players etc. 

Other dates for committee meetings were discussed and agreed for the year. 

Thursday 23rd March 

Thursday 6th July

Thursday 7th September 

Thursday 16th November

AGM to be confirmed with the club in May

RB brings to any other business.

Potential occurrences of fan behaviour is discussed. 

We have a signed shirt available following the draw – PB to do members draw 

PB discusses what to pass over at the end of the season as he informs the committee that he will be stepping down. Roles to be distributed to other members

LC & SC suggested looking into another fundraiser – Quiz was successful. To be worked on and discussed as agreed was a good fundraiser. 

End of meeting