Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 11 February 2020 at 6pm

Ray Hedgman (Chair)
Bobby Blair (Secretary)
Victoria Bell (Treasurer)
Mark Butler
Steve Francis
Sian Blair
Kath Leech
Stuart Puttock
Paul Breading
Aaron Alexander
Stephen Benham


1. Minutes of Last meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true record and duly approved by the committee

Bob Green from the Football Club popped into the meeting and asked the committee if they would be interested in using the kitchen area in the Phoenix Bar.  The committee agreed to discuss this and get back to Bob who then left the meeting.

Main issue would be staffing the kitchen to sell hot drinks etc.  Also, the committee didn’t want to step on Alex’s toes.  RH said he would speak to Alex. AA to email supporters club members to see if anyone would be interested in volunteering. 

2. Code of Practice Fundraising Practice

VB advised the committee that the supporters club now had a link to this on the website, to comply with regulations.  Any fundraising, needed to have ‘tickets’ to comply with the regulation.  MB to email all members in ‘In With A Shot’ advising them that their draw number is their ticket number to cover this.

3. Race Night Review

The committee felt that the evening had been a great success.  RH thanked VB and KL for being the dolly dealers on the night.  Everyone who attended had a great evening and there were some sore heads the next morning.

SF advised that he had forgotten to put John Leppard as a sponsor, he had spoken to him and he advised that the supporters club could keep the £20 and he would become a member instead. Action SBL.

SBL commented that Colourways had also given £20 sponsorship, the committee agreed that they had sponsored the additional dog race which was not on the programme.

4. Funding Projects for ATFC

BB advised that as the supporters club was not allowed to make a profit that the funds raised would need to go to the football club.  It was felt by the committee that they would rather purchase an item the club needed as opposed to just giving the money to the club.  BB to contact Bob Green and ask the club to provide some suggestions of things we could purchase; the committee could then hold a vote.

MB asked if the money could be used to provide a coach for members to an away game.  SF advised that an anonymous donor had agreed to fund the cost of a coach, the supporters club could then ask for £5 per coach ticket and monies received would be profit.  Need to decide which away game to go to.

Following a discussion, the committee agreed to get quotes for both the ‘tour of duty’ game to Bromley and Fylde. KL to get prices on both then the committee can vote via WhatsApp on which one to go with.  

The coach would be for members only, non-members could get a ticket if they joined the supporters club at the same time. This would mean a payment of £20 including the membership fee which is not unreasonable.

Tickets to be on sale from the supporter’s club office at the Boreham Wood game.

KL to get coach costs.

5. Football Supporters Association Update

VB advised that in order to register the supporters club needed a written constitution, be independent of the football club, have a ‘one member one vote’ policy and publish accounts.  The only thing we don’t have is an accountant.  RH to speak to his accountant to see if he would be prepared to help with this.

6. Away Travel

This item had been discussed earlier under funding projects and required no further discussion.

7.  Website Update

PB advised that all the content would be in place by the weekend.  He was still waiting for the PayPal details.  VB to sort this.

PB asked committee members to send a sentence about themselves for the committee page on the website. BB to email a list of committee members names and job titles.

VB asked how the committee felt about allowing PB to have a link to his own business website as a way of thanking him for all his time on the website.

The committee voted unanimously for this.

8. Any Other Business

VB advised that she had spoken to Clarks Catering about a reusable glass for supporters.  RH advised he knew who to contact in regards to this.  He will look into the costing.

VB had suggested a re-run of the 1966 world cup final as our next event.  She had emailed the BBC for permission to use the footage.  This could be combined with a memorabilia auction and launching the reusable glasses.  Need to wait for BBC to get back to us.

KL had tried several times to contact Anwar but had been unable to speak to him.

AA advised that for the online membership PayPal will charge a fee.  The committee agreed that online membership would be £16 to incorporate the fee.

SF to purchase the £20 shop voucher for the members draw winner.  AA asked if the draw ran all year round.  BB confirmed that it did and had been agreed by the committee.

9. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting to be held on Tuesday 3 March 2020 at 6pm.