Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 17 December 2019 at 6:00 pm


Ray Hedgman (Chair)
Victoria Bell (Treasurer)
Mark Butler
Aaron Alexander
Sian Blair
Steve Benham
Stuart Puttock
Kath Leech
Steve Francis
Paul Breading

Roberta Blair

It is noted for the minutes that Mark Butler is not a member of the committee but is the Football club’s representative at the meetings.  Mark has consented to leave the meetings for any votes. The Committee would like to record their thanks to Mark for contributing in this way.

Minutes of last meeting and the minutes of the emergency meeting held on the 6th of December are agreed

Membership Update

As Bobby is unwell and unable to attend to confirm, Mark believed we had 76 adult members and additional under 18s following the launch day – this is to be confirmed with Bobby

Additional membership forms have been submitted since then

Membership cards will be ready to hand out on Saturday-need someone to attend at the club on Friday to sort this out

Sian Blair – suggested table outside the back of the club shop before the match on Saturday.  However as it is likely to be cold and wet and there are limited staff in the shop on Saturday Steve Francis and Sian Blair have been give permission by Matt to sit in the Club Shop for this.  The Committee expresses its thanks to the Football Club for this. SF has a table which can be set up in the shop-this might be better than sitting behind the counter as it distances the Supporters Club from the Football Club.

Action: Need to email Matt to confirm supporters club table in the shop. Supporters club needs to tell Henry what needs to be disseminated and it will be promoted by the club. Can we get new members added before Saturday?

Treasurers Report 

£100 donation from fff brewery
£220 balance to Paul Boyce for the race night due on the night
Scarves paid for, 100 were purchased
Sian payment clipboards agreed

Action:  Do we need to order more scarves-did John use all of his?

Bank Account Update

Is up and running
Stuart still not received his card and terminal
Paying in book arrived

Action: Query with Bobby what paperwork has arrived at the shop and been delivered to the Foundation office – welcome pack still outstanding

Action:Vic to chase card and terminal for Stuart which has still not been received

GDPR Policy

Approved-to be added to website

Race Night

Race night deposit is paid, the balance of £220.00 is payable on the night

5 complimentary tickets agreed for fff brewery – sponsor’s table discussed

MB suggests we see how many tickets we sell before deciding whether we have a dedicated sponsor’s table, as a table seats 10 we may be losing capacity

MB the club is happy to sell tickets from the club shop and transfer the money to the Supporters Club

We should print tickets -150 Ray to check with his printer/as will Stuart-although have been offered by Matt-but may not have capacity to keep to timescale agreed payment for ticket printing should this be undertaken (following the meeting the tickets have been printed by Matt)

SF proposed a raffle -decided not to have a raffle to distract from the other fundraising on the night

Action: Sponsors race, personal race card to put on agenda for next meeting

Get list of suggested horse names from Mark-mark to email

In With A Shot Update

MB looking to launch 1st week of Jan, club guarantee £100 prize fund for first 4 weeks

Need to join by previous week (day to be confirmed following discussion with Bobby)

Ready to go with back account-need to put reference on payment Name of entrant, Draw 1 or 2

£5.00 game-will only start when 50 members-will not start until have sufficient members will need a separate spreadsheet with START AND END dates

Need to keep separate spreadsheet/tabs in spreadsheet for the different draws

£2 to start 1st week Jan

£5 to start once have 50 members – will need to be administered and announced once we reach 50 total

V expressed concern that Bobby is secretary and membership secretary and has a lot of responsibility.  Sian has agreed to assist Bobby in whatever way would be of most assistance

This weeks East Bank weekly will go out discussing In With a Shot confirming that Football Club is running the draw and will determine where the funds are spent (consideration to funding young players) but the Supporters Club are administering.

Action: Check – Has Bobby been able to sit with Janet?

Need Bobby to agree to dates and confirm with Mark as a lot of the work will be hers

Bobby to liaise with Sian as to the best way Sian can assist

Website / Social Media Accounts

New social media secretary – Aaron voted in unanimously by the committee

All agreed that the Facebook page looks good.  Aaron will make the page live on the 19th when his admin rights go through.  The private page will be members only.  There is a public page attached to that which Aron will be responsible for maintaining and ensuring that any inappropriate or offensive material is removed and the user blocked.

Ian Morsman – photographer has no issues with his photos being used for our website and social media

MB stresses the importance of governance- it is important for the Supporters Club that we are non-controversial and do not  involved in politics

Social media draft launch info agreed subject to amendment as trust are not funding the Foundation as the Foundation have declined to accept this

Facebook page will be ready to go once Aaron has access to the spreadsheet from Bobby, is there a possibility of a shared spreadsheet?

Action: VB to amend social media launch info

How to share the spreadsheet whilst complying with data protection.  Vic and Bobby to discuss.


Paul Breading kindly attended to discuss logos and website

Logos – we need to have a logo in the correct format to use for badges, electronically etc

Paul to rework last logo to include wings and flames this is important to establish that the bird depicted is actually a Phoenix and cannot be accidentally misinterpreted.

Aaron to give Paul access to Facebook page.  Paul confirmed he is on facebook

Paul to put together front end for the website-“coming soon”

Online Applications

Website can be used for online applications and payments

The possibility of paying for In With a Shot online was discussed

Need to send Paul the bank details and application form

Paul to look into setting up a payment reminder and auto repeat-notification

Paypal will take a 2% cut still worthwhile

Keep standard order only for in with a shot?? Discussed

Vote for Paypal  for membership – unanimous in favour

Vote for Paypal for in with a shot – unanimous in favour providing fees less than 4%

Payment to go out of the Supporters Club account on the Monday following the Friday draw

Winner should get the full amount and club gets the balance (less the Paypal reduction)

Paul to look into web address and to come back to us

Paypal will link to this email address

Action: Paul to discuss setting up Paypal with Vic once the website is in place

Any Other Business

Email from Victoria Rodgers discussed – Supporters Club will be taking 1 page for each edition. Sponsors page for 1st of January on fff brewery for sponsoring our race night

Action: VB to send the draft programme -email to Victoria Rodgers

Action: Steve Benham to contact fff and inform them of 27th December deadline

MB – Can we clear any sponsors through mark to ensure there is no conflict of interest – If there is a conflict of interest between any proposed sponsors the Supporters Club agree to discuss with Football Club it would not be appropriate to upset any of the club’s existing sponsors.

Saturday – Scarves and membership cards will be ready for collection by members from Saturday.  Do we need to do a poster to advertise? We will need access to the spreadsheet to check names and record collection.

Confirmed Membership cards will be ready for Saturday

Scarves ready now

Permission given by the Football club for collection to take place from the club shop due to the bad weather

Steve Francis to assist Sian in shop Saturday

Action: Bobby to print off copy of spreadsheet (just names) so names can be checked and scarves and membership cards signed for to ensure they go to the correct person

Thanks from Chairman to all and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

Date of Next Meeting

Bobby to confirm date early 2nd week of Jan (around 7/8th Jan if possible)