Minutes of Emergency Meeting held on Tuesday 6 December 2019 at 6:00 pm

Ray Hedgman (Chair)
Victoria Bell (Treasurer)
Bobby Blair (Secretary)
Mark Butler
Aaron Alexander
Sian Blair
Steve Benham
Stuart Puttock

Kath Leech, Steve Francis

In With A Shot Fund Raising Scheme

Details of the scheme had been circulated to the committee prior to
the meeting.

MB advised that people would pay either quarterly, half yearly or
yearly up front into the Supporters Club bank account by standing
order. VB, BB & SP would then need to transfer the payment to the
winner and the football club on a weekly basis after the draw.
Monies would need to be received a week in advance in order to be
included in the draw. The draw would be held on a Friday then
winners could be paid on the Monday straight into their account.
SBL asked if committee members would be allowed to enter. It was
agreed that they could but we would need to be up front about it.
SP suggested that we ask Henry to video the draw each week with
a random member of the football club, player, Shahid etc ‘pushing
the button’. Mark advised this could be done, but would need to
make sure the winning number had paid up, if not would have to re-
draw. The Supporters Club could let Mark know of any numbers
who haven’t paid prior to the draw so this could be checked.

MB advised that the prize fund would fluctuate depending on the
number of entries. The Supporters Club account would not be
affected as they would only pay out the same amount as monies
received in.

BB asked how we would keep track of member’s monies coming
into the account, MB advised that they would need to put their name
along with scheme 1 or scheme 2 as their reference on the standing

RH asked MB to leave the meeting in order for the committee to

RH then asked the committee for a show of hands in favour of
running the ‘In with a Shot’ scheme.

Members voted unanimously in favour of running the scheme.
MB was then invited back to the meeting.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 17 December 2019 at 6 pm