Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 19 November 2019 at 6:00 pm

Ray Hedgman (Chair)
Victoria Bell (Treasurer)
Bobby Blair (Secretary)
Matt Wigman
Steve Francis
Sian Blair
Kath Leech

Mark Butler
Stuart Puttock

Minutes of Last meeting

The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. SBL asked if
the minutes could be amended to include that she will be
reimbursed for the t shirts. Minutes approved subject to the one

Bank Account

SP had been in contact with his friend at Barclays and they appear
to be the most suitable. RH advised that the account needed a
minimum of three signatures to open the account and that he had
the forms. It was agreed that VB and BB would complete the forms
at the end of the meeting and that RH would then give them back to
SP and ask him to complete the third.


The draft constitution had been circulated prior to the meeting. VB
highlighted the section on Liability and advised that this section
applied to all committee members and that we would all have to
agree it. All members also need to sign the constitution. VB also
advised that Public Liability would be needed if we held any events
outside the football club. BB suggested that VB highlight the liability VB

section and send it to all committee members and ask for their
approval. VB advised that any expenditure from the bank account would need to be approved at a committee meeting and clearly minuted. Receipts must be obtained for all purchases.

Membership Package

SF advised that the scarf would cost £3.50 each and that a sample
scarf would be arriving at the shop on Friday. John Monday at the
Shots Foundation has agreed to purchase the scarfs as they are
also being offered to ‘Junior Shots’ and we can then buy them from
him once the membership fees start coming in.
SF showed the committee a membership card which MW had
produced, the cost for this will be 50p. MW suggested that red
coloured cards be issued to over 18’s and blue coloured cards to the
under 18’s. He can print the membership cards from the
spreadsheet BB has set up, just need a separate tab for each age
group. BB will action this. MW advised that the shop discount would be 10% on purchases of £50 and over. He would also at the end of season give an extra discount on sale items for members. It was suggested that the Supporters Club purchase one raffle ticket for the end of season shirt raffle and then the winner of the monthly membership draw would get this as the prize. This was approved by the committee. It was agreed that cash and cheques only would be taken for the membership fee as it costs the football club money to process card payments and it then is kept completely separate. MW will collect forms and cash and then pass them on to BB when she is in the Foundation Office to process. The cash and cheques can then be paid in via a paying in book.

Supporters Club Launch

The committee agreed that the launch could not now take place this
coming Saturday as the bank account needs to be sorted first.
Once the forms have been completed and Barclays have approved
the account we can launch. It will only take a week to set up the
It was suggested that if the bank account was on track that we could
ask MB or Shahid to announce the supporters club at the fans forum
on Thursday the 28 th November and then the launch would be on
Saturday 30 th November at the next home game.

SP to advise once the account is sorted by email. BB and SBL
advised that they will be attending the fans forum.
On Launch day membership forms and flyers will need to be in all
the bars at the football club and in The Crimea. The following
assignments for launch day were agreed.
RH – The Crimea
MW – Club Shop with Janet Guess
MB – Hospitality Lounge
BB – Pheonix Bar/Wally’s
KL – East Bank Bar
VB & SBL to float around the stadium.
MW advised he could supply pouches for putting any payments in
and then suggested everyone meet at the EBBs Lounge after the
game so any monies taken can be put in the safe.
Once we know when we are launching BB to send copies of the
constitution, aims and objectives and minutes to Shahid so that Van
can put them on the Shots Website.

Any Other Business

SF asked if someone could find out a cost to get a company in to
run the race night on the 1 st February. RH will look into this. SF
advised that he was hoping to get a sponsor to cover the cost for the
race night.
Members agreed that no further meeting was required prior to the
launch and that we would wait for SP to confirm that bank account
was ok then confirm the date of the launch via email.
Next meeting to be held two weeks after the launch has taken place.
BB to send through dates.