Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 14 November 2019 at 6:00 pm


Ray Hedgman (Chair)
Victoria Bell (Treasurer)
Bobby Blair (Secretary)
Mark Butler
Steve Francis
Sian Blair
Kath Leech
Stuart Puttock


Matt Wigman

Minutes of Last meeting

The minutes from the meeting held on Wednesday 6 November
were circulated prior to the meeting. BB asked if anyone had any
changes they wanted made. None were requested and the minutes
were agreed to be a true record of the meeting.

Membership Package

MB reported that he was still negotiating with MW on the shop
discount. Everything else is confirmed as per the last meeting.
MB to get package finalised before the launch. MB

Bank Account

RH advised that HSBC had refused to do account as they don’t do
business accounts. MB advised that without a bank account we
would have to think about postponing the launch. SP said that he
had a friend who was a bank manager at Barclays in Basingstoke SP and that he would ring him for advice.

RH advised he would try again with HSBC in the morning and give
them an estimate of our membership and turnover.
MB asked if everyone could look into where we could get the

It was agreed that a further meeting would need to be held on
Tuesday 19 th November at 6 pm as if we can get the bank account
sorted the deadline for the editorial in the programme was


VB reported that she had drafted a constitution and passed it to a judge to look at. Unfortunately, the judge has been unwell and therefore unable to get it ready for this evening’s meeting.

Scarf Design

SP had circulated the designs prior to the meeting. The committee
agreed on the first design. SF to ask MW for prices and bring back
to the next meeting.
BB will speak to John Monday and ask if he would be prepared to
purchase the scarfs through the foundation as they will be offered to
Junior Shots as well, then once membership money comes in we
can buy some from him.

Launch Actions

MB to finalise benefits package
VB to finalise constitution
RH to go back to HSBC
SP to speak to Barclays
SF to speak to MW regarding scarf and membership card prices
BB to create flyers for launch alongside Junior Shots
Discuss stations for the launch

Any Other Business

SBL suggested having t-shirts printed for committee members to make us recognisable. She advised she was happy to fund this and then we could use them at future events. KL collated member’s sizes. SBL to get red t-shirts from Amazon either and get them printed with blue writing ‘Aldershot Town Supporters Club’. SBL to get receipts as it was agreed that once funds start coming in the Supporters Club with reimburse her the costs.

SP asked what members what they thought about the race night info
he had circulated. VB suggested 1 st event be held in February as people won’t have spare money in December and January. MB suggested 1 st February after the home game. Alex Clark joined the meeting and advised the date was available so Race Night booked for 1 st February 2020. Alex advised she would supply sandwiches and rolls in the bar. BB asked if kids would be allowed to attend. Alex advised that kids were allowed in the bar area.

Alex also advised that she would be happy to give supporters club members 20p off a pint in the ‘Beach Bar’.

BB advised that she had discussed with John Monday about having a meet
the players session in February half term for Junior Shots.

MB said it would be good to combine this with the Supporters Club so we don’t have to ask the players to attend twice. BB is happy to run the event as John will be away. MB to discuss with Danny Searle.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 19 November at 6pm