Minutes of the Meeting November 12th 2019


Mark Butler – [email protected]

Steve Francis – [email protected]

Sian Blair – [email protected]

Victoria Bell – [email protected]

Roberta Blair – [email protected]  

Ray Hedgman – [email protected] 

Steve Benham

Stuart Puttock – [email protected]

Kath Leech – [email protected]                


MB – The supporters club at this stage do not necessarily need to have all the roles as outlined by the FA.  If we wished to fund raise only at this stage we could do so. We need to decide what we could charge membership subscription to the supports club.  Looking at £10.00. £20,00 too much for a junior supporter.

Ray  – Chairman.  Roberta -secretary . Victoria – treasurer.  All others members of subcommittee

SB – sian wants to be involved, good spokesperson  – could be social media secretary?

RB – Is currently working in the foundation office, doing admin for junior shots.  Can set up email on office 365, possibly facebook/twitter page linked to the website.  Could connect to club, we would be an intermediary. Could we offer a scarf/hat at costs as part of membership?

MB -should be able to do a scarf at cost

MB -will be happy to attend but is transferring ownership of the club over to the committee.

RB – If membership cards had individual membership number could be entered into a members draw

VB – Can produce a xmas card – junior shots all get one signed by everyone

MB  – under 11s and junior shots to be linked.  Joining fee -if we reduce to £10.00 from £20.00 suggestion including a scarf or a hat.  Want under 11s to register with the club.

VB – We sould make use of existing links with scouts and Aldershot  Farnham Hockey club to get the youth involved

MB – once registered a membership would be like a season ticket

RB – A membership card would save the club the cost of printing the ticket.  Application form would be handed in to the club shop (or emailed?). Has produced a list of local schools, can send emails out to distribution list.  Get together lists to distribute to local children.

VB – if include local schools can include scouts and A&F Hockey Club to actch children not ecessarily in local catchment area

MB – Ray – Chair 

Vic -Treasurer 

Roberta – secretary   

agreed by all


Launch – social media – twitter/website -MB/SB

Proposal to be okayed  -MB

Suggested launch date – 23/11/19

Bank account – VB/RH – to be set up in the name of Aldershot Town FC Supporters Club – Ray to collect application info from bank tomorrow and liaise with VB.  RH and VB o be signatories, both currently customers with HSBC

Central email to be set up – RB to set up 

Application form-emailed form-RB to set up – already has one prepared

Facebook page – SB to investigate – needs a code of conduct and a link to the website – will need to be updated – will need to be a closed group to prevent abuse

MB – to find out if we can be given access to the AFTC website

RH – an application form can be included in the programme – we will have a full page to fill and will need articles for each programme -will need different content for the programme for every game  (suggested set up a standard page which can be used each week if no other info. Available).

Launch ideas

MB – The club can handle launch. Need to launch when we’re ready when there’s something behind it.  Needs to look professional

RH – The supports club could have a table at the game- with application forms

Suggested Launch date – 23/11/19 as next home game too soon

MB – we need a launch date as soon as bank account set up.  Need to entice people in.

SB -to investigate setting up facebook page

VB – to investigate putting on shots web

MB – renewal dates – annual suggested rather than seasonal.  Difficult to work out seasonal fees.

VB – will encourage to re-join to cover for the rest of the season, if your membership finishes part way through the season you renew to include the rest

SP – seasonal makes it easy to identify expiry date on card could state 2019/20 season

VB – expiry date on card would give same info.

Ideas going forward

SB – need to check if her place of work can be involved

VB – scouts have agreed can be involved and do a litter pick?  They will need a substantial amount of notice

RH – Including the youth brings in the new fans

MB -don’t forget the adults, this isn’t just about the kids – what else do we need?

Ray – possibility 1st hundred members get special offer

RB  – membership card would get you a reduction in the club shop.  How easy it is to transfer a card without a photo? Concerns over passing the card between parties, is ID going to be required?

SF – Can Matt be involved in the next meeting?

MB – We all need to go on other supporters club website

SF – need to see how long it takes to get a scarf printed.  There is no point offering a signing up gift if I isn’t available for 4 months

MB – wouldn’t be unhappy with 200 members by the end of the year.  People waiting for new cash for shots – Will need a fundraising secretary for that.

MB -Bank accounts needs to be accessible to buy items for fundraising -cost price for ATFC items etc.

Next meeting

Agenda items

MB – are we targeting membership

RB -agenda to be produced to be emailed to Ray

Update from today’s meeting and feedback on action points

Date of next meeting  6/11/19 at 6pm