Minutes of Meeting Monday 22 November 2021 at 7pm

Ray Hedgeman (Chair)
Bobby Blair (Secretary)
Aaron Alexander
Paul Breading

Victoria Bell (Treasurer)
Stuart Puttock

1. Minutes of last meeting held on 9 September 2021.
Minutes of the last meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting and were duly approved as a true record of the meeting.

2. AGM
RH suggested that the AGM be postponed now until after Christmas as due to BB having covid we have been unable to get things started for this side of Christmas. Agreed by the committee. BB pointed out that in order to hold an AGM we would need a Treasurers Report, VB had indicated to BB that she intended to stand down from the committee but wanted to get the accounts up to date first. AA said he would be willing to take over as Treasurer. BB to contact VB to arrange a handover.

3. Change to Community Benefit Society
RH advised that he had spoken to the FSA and the shares held by the Shots Trust still need to be passed to someone. He suggested that he find out from the FSA how likely it was they the Supporters Club would receive them as it seemed pointless going through the process of changing out status if there was a chance, we would not get them. Also, we need to find out if we would have to have an AGM before we could change to a Community Benefit Society. RH to speak to the FSA to clarify and get back to members.

4. Cash for Shots
RH advised that the FSA had asked if we would take this over, however Tommy has now cancelled all the direct debits and it is no longer. It was felt that it would not have been appropriate to run this when we are already administering In with A Shot.

5. Committee
RH advised that there had been no interest from fans in becoming committee members. BB felt that it was due to the results not being very good. RH advised that he would reach out to Sam O’Sullivan who arranges the Shots Away travel to see if he would be interested in joining. RH advised that Jan would like to get involved. She is very good at fund raising activities.

6. Where are we going as a Supporters Club?
RH felt that it would be worthwhile pursuing Anwar about grants available for Supporters. He had attended the Diversity evening hosted by Anwar and felt as a supporters club we should be on board with this. RH suggested that the Supporters Club talk to the Football Club on behalf of disabled fans as now Parsons Barracks car park has closed these is no parking close to the ground. He felt that this could influence disabled fans decision as to whether to come to games. RH to action this. BB suggested the supporters club get in contact with the Shots Foundation. RH advised that he has already been working with Adam and that during lockdown The Crimea had delivered food parcels on behalf of the football Club. One of the places they had delivered two was a homeless shelter and the young men had been so thankful that he wanted to do something for them at Christmas. He had discussed with Adam, giving them a meal in the lounge and tickets to a game. Also would the committee be happy for them to each be given a Supporters Club scarf. Ray asked if the Supporters Club would be willing to pay £100 towards the Christmas gift for the shelter. Committee members voted unanimously to pay the £100 and
give supporters club scarfs. Members felt that the supporters club should be doing more for the
community as well as raising funds for the football club. BB mentioned that April is Autism Awareness month and that prior to covid she had planned to do an Autism Awareness Game. RH felt this was a great idea and suggested sponsoring a game in April in the name of Autism Awareness. That way we
are giving the Club money and doing something for the community. BB suggested the foundation could invite Autistic people to the come through the community stand. RH to speak to Adam. BB to get a date from MB for a game in April for sponsorship.

7. Any Other Business
AA mentioned that people were commenting that our social media only copies posts from the football club. RH advised that it was due to us not being able to do any events at the moment, but we can change that. PB advised that as AA was taking on the Treasurers role that he would take on membership. RH to pass all the info to Paul. AA felt that the spreadsheet should only have current members on it. PB agreed. BB asked if it would be possible to set u a database so we keep hold of contact details for people who
are no longer members, but we may wish to mailshot. PB agreed to set this up. PB felt that we should be doing more for fans and supporters club members and suggested we set up a form on our website where questions can be sent in for the football club, we can then forward them onto the club for answers.
Pete Standford has asked if we can ask the club if player of the month can be started up again. The committee agreed this was a good idea. PB to set up. PB also mentioned that fans had been displeased about the lack of vegetarian options available at the ground from the food outlets.