Minutes of Meeting held Thursday 9 September 2021

Ray Hedgeman (Chair)
Bobby Blair (Secretary)
Stuart Puttock
Aaron Alexander
Paul Breading

Victoria Bell (Treasurer)

1. Minutes of last meeting.
Minutes of the last meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting and were duly approved as a true record of the meeting.

2. Committee Membership
It needed to be recorded that Sian Blair, Steve Francis and Stephen Benham had resigned. RH said we needed to recruit more committee members. SP to put something out on social media. BB asked RH if bearing in mind his commitments of running the pub and the fact he had been unable to do the programme notes for the Solihull game, if he was able to fully commit to his role as Chair. It was felt that with the loss of committee members and being a member of the FSA that the Chair needed to be fully aware of his role and responsibilities. BB was concerned that RH didn’t understand the need for meetings to be held in a private room and not the pub due to confidentiality. BB had been in contact with the FSA to seek advice on this and to get advice due to the loss of committee members. RH said he still didn’t understand why the pub was not a suitable venue.

BB was also concerned that when she had contacted him and asked what he wanted included in the agenda he didn’t seem to know, and she had to make suggestions as to what needed to be discussed. PB suggested to RH that as BB had vast experience of being involved with committees that perhaps he should step aside and become Vice Chair which would still be a vital role but take away some of the responsibilities involved in being Chair, especially if he was struggling with time. RH admitted that he didn’t know what to write for programme notes, SP said all he had to do was ask for help on the WhatsApp group. RH also mentioned he wasn’t great with computers, but he would work it out. RH said that he was able to make plenty of time to carry out the role of chair. AA advised he was willing to take over the membership secretary role, however he had no computer at present. PB agreed to cover until this was rectified.

3. Bank Account
BB advised that she had spoken with VB and that she intended to resign due to personal circumstances but would get the accounts up to date first. BB advised that the current signatories were herself, VB and SF who has left the committee. Payments require two people to authorise. BB mentioned that according to the FSA guidelines the chair must be one of the signatories, however, RH had not been keen to go on the account when it was originally set up. RH said he would be willing to go on the account. PB and SP were also willing to be signatories. SP said he would contact his friend at the bank to see how to go about the change.

4. Programme Notes
RH advised that he didn’t know who to send the programme notes to. BB advised that as chair he should be logging onto the supporter’s club email, then he would be able to email back the programme notes. BB also mentioned that SBL had set up a template within the email account. RH said he didn’t know what the password was. BB advised that it had been circulated and that she would do them again. BB asked RH to confirm that he would have time to do the programme notes for the next home game on the 25 September as these were important and a mini chairs report to our members. SP had had to step in last minute to do the Solihull ones as RH had been unable to do them and had suggested that we leave it this time. BB and SP felt it was unacceptable to not do them. RH to do the programme notes in future.

5. Supporters Club Hut / Raffle
BB advised that the current committee members were unable to man the hut at home games due to other commitments. SP to put out a notice to say closed until further notice. PB suggested asking for a matchday volunteer to man the hut who would help but maybe didn’t want to commit to being a full committee member. SP to put on social media. SP advised that the raffle ticket sales were not going well. Two had been purchased online. With the hut not being open this hasn’t helped. RH said he had tried to sell some in the pub on matchdays but had not been successful. None had been sold through the club shop. BB and SP advised that they would try and sell some tickets and membership at the fans forum on the 15 September.

6. AGM
RH advised that BB at the last meeting had agreed to contact the club re dates in November. BB reported that she had done this and been told that November wasn’t busy so we could pick any date. RH felt it was better to contact Clark’s caterers to see what their availability was. SP felt that it wouldn’t be worth them opening the bar as he didn’t feel many would come. BB suggested that there were enough funds to supply hot and cold drinks etc instead. RGH to get a date sorted for the AGM.

7. Any Other Business


PB mentioned that it might be worth setting up a better email account in the
future where all committee members would have separate emails and there
would be a main email info@atfcsubclub. This would be more professional
and safer than the current yahoo account.